Our Story

“We searched everywhere, from designer department stores to high-street boutiques asking if they sold female laptop bags and surprisingly kept getting the same response, ‘we don’t have any female laptop bags, but we have men’s.’ ”

Tania Brown, Co-Founder

How it All Began

Whilst out shopping one weekend Co-Founders Tania & Ed were inspired to create Jacq Leigh. They wanted to buy Tania a beautifully crafted leather laptop bag to match her corporate style. Tania was recently promoted and in her new role she carried her laptop every day to work, client meetings and whilst flying around Asia for meetings.

It quickly became apparent that there are limited options for women compared to men. The idea that women had to compromise or use ‘the ones for men’ was the inspiration behind the Jacq Leigh women’s laptop bag.

A laptop bag from Jacq Leigh is made from the finest leather, materials and metal fastenings. Our laptop bags are sleek and stylish, designed to be fashionable and functional so you can have it all. They are hand-crafted by our artisans as we – like you, appreciate and obsess over the detail.

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The Design

The interior of our women’s laptop bag has been meticulously designed to carry your essentials; laptop, mouse, charger, USB stick, documents, phone, business cards, pen and lipstick.

Jacq Leigh offers you a large collection of beautiful leather laptop bags with varieties in leather colour, textures and metal fastenings.  We know you’ll find one you love!

But we are not just about laptop bags.

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