In the Spotlight with Margie Warrell

Posted on November 2, 2020

Today we’re putting the Spotlight on Margie Warrell. She talks to us about her journey to becoming a leadership coach, best-selling author and international speaker. We also talk guilty pleasures and how to be courageous in 2020. 

Thanks for taking time to talk with us Margie. Can you share your inspiring journey working in the corporate world to becoming a leadership coach, best selling author and international speaker?
Thank you. It’s a long winding tail, with a lot of twists and turns, spanning twenty years, with multiple moves to different countries and continents, in between juggling raising my four kids. Rather than share all the details – which I wrote about in my latest book You’ve Got This! –  I’ll just say that what has guided me forward, and at times compelled me out of my comfort zone, has been a deep sense of calling to encourage people to believe in their own dreams. To trust their own calling and to have the courage to put themselves “out there” again and again and again.

Since leaving my parents small dairy farm at 18, I’ve spent much of that time living outside my comfort zone. And I think that lays at the heart of whatever success I’ve had until now… the willingness to take a risk – whether its rejection or being exposed as inadequate (I’ve felt that fear so many times!) – and to dare to do something that inspires you even if it scares you. All the best things I’ve ever done, from daring to write my first book, despite feeling totally inadequate for the task, or having my four kids while living across the world from my family, have ultimately been a huge leap of faith that I could figure it out as I went along.
We women need to do more of that… take the leap of faith in ourselves and trust that we will figure it out as we go along, one day at a time.
You have faced some interesting challenges through the COVID pandemic, can you share some of your experiences and talk us through how you dealt with these?
Yes, there was no irony lost on me that the week I was due to fly out to the US to do a month long speaking/media tour for my new book You’ve Got This! not only did the whole world ‘cancel’ its plans but my husband contracted Covid-19 and ended up in hospital and quarantine in Singapore for 30 days. So I really had to walk my own talk and double down on the advice and practices I wrote about in my book- to look within myself for the certainty I was unable to find elsewhere. I’m pleased to say he has made a full recovery, with no lingering medical issues.
We’d love to know, what guilty pleasures have you adopted whilst working from home/been in quarantine? Ours was ordering Deliveroo Messina to my door. sometimes more than once a week, whoops!
Hmmm…. I’m gonna sound really boring here but I haven’t developed a guilty pleasure. I have lots of pleasures… but no guilt! My main thing is that my husband and I have developed a beautiful ritual of starting our day with a hot cup of tea, vegemite on toast and spending about 45 minutes reading wisdom literature and doing a meditation together. It’s really not very guilty, but (for us at least) it’s incredibly pleasurable! 
What advice can you share with us on being courageous and taking risk during these uncertain times?
Don’t let your fear of what could go wrong stop you from making plans and taking actions that will move your life forward. There is an enormous amount of fear mongering right now. I see it stopping people getting on with living their lives as best they can.
So avoid over consumption of media that just leaves you feeling anxious (and fact check what you see!). For instance, we recently flew from Singapore across to the US for 6 weeks with our four kids hiking in the Rockies. A lot of people are scared to fly right now (we at least in Asia and the US). But it was awesome and worth the two-week quarantine when we landed back in Singapore! Make plans that give you something to look forward to and which require you to play from your strengths and develop your gifts. Do something that stretches you out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. The only way we can ever conquer our fear and live a truly meaningful and rewarding life is to defy our doubts and act with the courage we wish we had.

As I wrote in You’ve Got This! – trust yourself, not your doubts. Every time you act in the presence of fear you dilute their power and grow your own.
We LOVE your latest book ‘You’ve Got This’ – What inspired you to write this?
It’s a combination of two things. Firstly, in my work coaching people and running professional development programs, I meet so many people who are held back by a lack of self-trust and whose doubts drive them to sell themselves short, talk themselves down and hold back from doing the very things that would ultimately enrich their lives – personally and professionally.
Secondly, I’ve had to deal with a lot of disruption and derailed plans over the last couple years. Including finding myself living on the opposite side of the world from three of my children. This was about as far from my ‘family vision!’ as you can get. So this book was one I felt compelled to write… because it’s the book I wanted to read in those moments when I’ve felt overwhelmed by the uncertainty I was dealing with and needed encouragement to trust that whatever happened, I could handle it. It’s ultimately a ‘high five’ to the human spirit. Plus, I’d like to think, a lot of practical advice to help people who struggle with those negative voices in their heads to trust themselves more, doubt themselves less and dare to step forward more bravely in their lives.
Thanks for sharing your story Margie, we’ve loved hearing about it. To find out more about Margie and her latest book You’ve Got This! go to

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