How can you learn what you don’t know?

Posted on September 12, 2019

How can you learn what you don’t know?
And where do you even start…

We’re living in a world where humans coexist with robots. We’ve got Alexa, Google Play and Siri to help us with everything; from playing music to making lists, which is great, but what happens when they start making the lists for us? Would we try new things? Or simply order what we always have?

Living alongside smart systems in recent years has witnessed them creeping into all areas of our lives. Let’s ignore the fact that cars can now park themselves – because that’s a whole new article – and concentrate on how it’s starting to shape our ability to learn.

Google predicts the end of your sentences. Bots have become so sophisticated it’s almost impossible to tell if you’re talking to Sarah or Software. Scrolling through your feeds, whether they be social (Facebook, Instagram) or otherwise (news sites), the fact remains that content is now chosen for us. It’s tailored around your likes, dislikes and patterns of behaviour.

It’s a gradual loss of autonomy. Instead of conversing with your friends freely, you’re more likely to discuss the sources of content you’re being forced to see, read and like. Without even noticing, you’re no longer exposed to ideas outside of a scripted sphere.

Which leads us to our question – how can you learn what you don’t know that you don’t know?

With 2019 around the corner, we’re living faster than ever before. The world wide web is bursting with content and you’re likely only seeing around 1% of what’s even out there. Which is a scary thought when you consider that the 1% you do see is being chosen for you.

With distraction always a thumb-swipe away, it’s vital that we’re breaking the habit of simply scrolling through a dictated feed. We need to actively seek out new ideas and challenge our thinking to ensure we’re learning and growing.

I have always looked to my networks to bring an element of the unknown and challenge my own thinking. Meeting new people who work in different industries and move in different circles sparks conversations which ultimately lead to learning.

From talking to CEOs to start up gurus to homemakers – the effect is all the same. I learn about new topics, news, concepts, life-hacks, beliefs, cultures, business ideas… the list is endless.

I encourage you to explore the power of networks and learn something that you don’t know.

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